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Blue Kitchen by Pureza Faria Blanc

Pureza Faria Blanc Interiores, Architecture and Interior Design Atelier, based in Lisbon, that strives for the quality and uniqueness of each project, with the ultimate goal of transforming environments into spaces with a soul that meet the characteristics and interests of each client. 


What we do?

Licensing Project
Execution Project
Construction Follow-up
Interior Design

Featured projects

Projeto de Renovação em Lisboa por Pureza Faria Blanc
Projeto de Reabilitação Lisboa por Pureza Faria Blanc
Duplex Carnide

Total rehabilitation of T3 apartment, 220m²

Lisbon, Portugal


duplex  USA

Total refurbishment of 3 bedroom apartment, 110m²

Lisbon, Portugal


House in Comporta, Alentejo by Pureza Faria Blanc
Single Family House Possanco, Comporta

Construction of a 5 bedroom villa, 185m²

Comporta, Portugal


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